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Learning From The Master

As I settled into my seat in the auditorium, the lady in the next seat gestured to the words on my t-shirt: “RARE MEDIUM” – my sister, who sat beside me, wore a t-shirt saying “MEDIUM RARE” – and asked if this meant famed psychic medium John Edward, who we’d come to see. “No, I’m a medium,” I said. Her grey eyes popped open in surprise.

“My dear,” she said, “if you’re already doing this, why would you want to come here?”

“Because,” I replied, feeling like an art student who’d been given a chance to watch Picasso in his studio, “I want to see the master at work.”

Even though I’ve been a psychic medium for over 30 years, and have hosted dozens of message events around Toronto, I feel I can always learn more about my intuitive abilities, and the chance to see John Edward, one of the best mediums in the world, was too good to pass up.

John came onstage to thunderous applause. Dressed casually in blue chinos and a beige button-down shirt, he greeted the audience warmly and for the next two hours, the sold-out crowd listened enrapt as he delivered rapid-fire patter. But he did more than just deliver messages from spirit. He sprinkled his work with bits of insight, and I was glad he was taking time to educate the audience on what message work is really all about.

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